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Man on the Street: Plans for the New Semester

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“To keep trying to do my best.”

Charlotte Widman, freshman


“Try my hardest.”

Mackenzie Joyner, sophomore


“I am going to be completing my administrative degree and my internship and finding a job in the area.”

Mrs. Weyhrauch, staff.


“To actually care about formative assignments.”

Landon Flake, sophomore


“To pass.”

Nick D’Arrigo, junior


“Keep getting good grades.”

Karl Schenk, freshman


“To work very hard to get all my grades up, and put more effort into my clubs.”

Ashley Capeda, senior


“Just really doing well in school. I also plan on hiking a little over spring break, and getting ready for my mission.”

Perry Atwood, senior


“Try to get all A’s.”

Claudine young, Junior

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Man on the Street: Plans for the New Semester